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>> ama: san francisco police are looking for a man who is accused of setting a woman on fire. that happened just after noon in the bayview district. sergio quintana has been following the story and joins us live with what happened. reporter: witnesses who saw what happened describe a gruesome attack. they say a man lit a woman on fire a half block down the street. she then ran about another block that way, trying to get home for help. >> a smoldering sweater in the middle of the street is what 25-year-old star lamar was wearing when her family says her boyfriend, 22-year-old detects ter oliver, doused her with gasoline and then lit her on fire. he sister says she is in critical condition at st. francis hospital. >> they had dead skin, and auntie hasn't win to see her yet. they said she's doing fine. >> according to the family, the couple began yelling at each other at the laundromat down the street. at one point the argument go so heated he allegedly ran home to get some gasoline, then ran back towards the laundromat. >> i saw him pour gasoline some a bottle, and he left. i d
and was shot. that victim is in sable condition. >> a house fire in san francisco has sent a bedridden individual to the hospital. just before 5:00 when the fire was reported. flames were knocked down in a half hour. one person confined to a bed was taken to the hospital. otherwise no serious injuries have been reported. the red cross has been called out to help those displaced by the fire. >> a stubborn fire at a cupertino cement plant took two hours to get under control. firefighters responded to the fire this morning at 5:45. truck equipment and tires appear to be the only damage. the cause is still under investigation. >>> crews in fairfield have cleared enough debris from the comedy club fire to open neighboring streets. investigators will continue looking for a cuss tomorrow. we we are over the scene friday night. there were no injuries but the business appears be a loss. >>> the warning periodes over for drivers in san francisco. parking enforcement officers were out in force today checking meters. lillian kim joins us live with the details. reporter: the grace period is over fo
to recognize the two men in that video will call san francisco police, or the u.s. postal inspector's office so they can make an arrest. reporting live, sergio quintana. >> ama: a 25-year-old marin city man has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman in her san francisco apartment. he was taken into custody last night. he forced his way into the victim's' as she was going in. officers believe during a subsequent robbery jones raped the woman. jones was found hide neglect backyard of the home. >> an oakland official says the city has lost control of the streets and believes its time to declare a state of emergency. those words from vice mayor larry reed in the wake of a bloody period on friday. four people were killed, including a teenage boy. police say the shootings are a result of gang shootings. the declaration would give the city funds from the state. >>> police were busy during last night's 49ers playoff game against the packers. 92 people were rejected from the game, another 25 were arrested for public back indication. ofs also arrested two other people on suspicion of a
in new orleans when they win the super bowl. >> they were here in the bay area in san francisco for world series, and we're told they occasionally pop in over in oakland for a raider game. >> police want to you take a look at a sketch of a man wanted for trying to snatch a 3-year-old girl out of her mother's arms. here it s police say it is critical to get this man off the streets before he strikes again. the mother says the man began chet chathing with them around 5:30 last night. >> he kneeled down to talk to my 3-year-old picked her up by her ankles and started to pull her from me. her bots fell off, pants coming off. he was pulling hard. >> neighbors say they did not hear or see anything out of the ordinary police say they're canvassing the area is a follow up on every lead possible. our concern is that if he's willing to be as brazen as he was yesterday evening, who is to say he won't do this again. >> here is a look at the sketch again, police describe the man as about 20, 30 years old, five foot six with a thin build. the mother says he smelled like motor oil. >> the fbi is refusin
miles away here in san francisco but felt they were part of the team that made it to the super bowl. the jam-packed boardroom niners bar, north beach, erupted when the clock hit zero. maybe it's team pride or the alcohol talking but here come the bold predictions. >> niners are starting a new regime. starting in 2013. we're going to win five super bowls in the next six years. that's all i'm saying. >> renee zeller of suitesserland was impressed. >> great, awesome, never seen that before. good look at soccer in europe, but this kind of soccer football is much better. reporter: they were out the door at the final bar, and little did they know there was an enemy in their midst. >> i have to be honest, i want the falcons to win. they're ahead 17 right now. >> don't say that too loudly. >> yeah, yeah, you don't blast it out. >> didn't look good for the niners early on and some fans had more than team spirit on the line. >> 49ers by four or more points. i have $500 on the four-point spread. >> up at tahoe? >> it's an online bet. >> yeah. so it's really a tough. >> so if my math is correct
money f you'd like to contribute to the program, which includes4qsrz guns coming from san francisco, and contra costa county and marin county, you can find the information on our web site, abc 7 news.com. just look under see it on tv. we've got a link to it. and goitsing to take about 30 days for them to raise cash. but next monday, martin luther king birthday, they're going to have another buy back program and will be handing out vouchers instead of cash but hoping for another big turnout. >> thank you very much. san francisco is moving closer to enacting a tough gun control measure. the supervisor introduced legislation making it illegal for residents to possess ultradeadly hollow point bullets. which pose a hazard to law enforcement. the bill would require stores to notify police if someone buys large amounts of ammunition. >> purchases 500 rounds or more, or frequency of purchases we'd like there to be a data base for that. then, we want to ban the more lethal ammunition there. is no place for it on the streets. >> a lot of year, san francisco defend a local law requiring safe s
in san francisco, asking who she was throwing her support behind. she is a baltimore native but fans tell us she'll be rooting for red and gold. >> i've been a baltimore sports fan growing up, but raising children in san francisco and san francisco sports fan. and of course that, is my consistency and who i rep scent support in the super bowl. >> good call. we'll hear from collin kaepe kaepernick. well teal you about his local connection coming up. i'll be heading to new orleans to cover the run along with mike shumann, cast of thousands and you know, shu is a former niner. and won knit 19816789 very a feeling the ring will be on distlai plai this week and everybody will be bringing you the best super bowl coverage imaginable, tweeting behind the scenes updates skbh z.it's going to be a lot of fun. >> yes. and you have to admit the ring is cool. >> yes. >> shiny and chevy. >> yes. a contract worker in san francisco was seriously injured today trimming trees. the man suffered head trauma when a thousand pound tree fell on him. crews cleaned up after the accident. the workers name and conha
is celebration with moderation. he plans to spread that word himself later this week. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> let's head to new orleans now. the 49ers held their first crescent ti practice today. >> hi, layero. >> however, on a serious note sl tl have been many stores about nfl and concussions and implications of playing football, dangers it presents to the health of some players. well, it prompted comments by the presz that really had a lot of people talking and raised eye brows here in new orleans at the super bowl. let me show you what the president had to say. he says this was in a new republic magazine. i have to tell you if i had a son i'd have to think long and hard bri let him play football. i think those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact it will probably gradually change. wilt have to change to reduce some of the violence have reaction now from alex boon and coach harbaugh who has a brand new baby boy. >> i love our president but i won't mind if any mi kids played football. it's physical, it's fun. once playing you understand so much more
of restaurants near san francisco. >> the city won't name the restaurants under investigation. city attorney says he wants to give them amnesty if they come clean and pay what they owe. but the head of the golden gate restaurant association says he's relying on reports filled out from restaurants themselves. >> i would say about 90% of the people i've talked to misreported the form. they just didn't know how to complete it. they didn't include costs associated with business that they should have included and i think there is going to be people who can show it's just reporting error. >> we have the reports, well werk have the comp pillation of the reports. this is all 177 of the restaurants. there are big discrepancies on this list. one company charged half a million dollars. and there is no explanation of what happened here to remaining money. sit in a bank account? somewhere employees will be able to get to it? there is a lot we don't know. we'll know more once the city attorney completes his investigation. >> more questions than answers. thank you. a year long battle over the fate of a north ba
falling 50 feet over atlz+u cliff at in san francisco. from sky 7 you can see just how steep the cliff is. authorities tell us the woman's dog went over first she tried to rescue that dog but then, fell to the beach. she was flown to the hospital by rescue chopper. her condition is not yet known. dog appeared to suffer a leg injury. >> tonight san francisco top public officials are reassuring business owners the city will be ready to deal with super bowl celebration that's turn ugly. they came to tape a public service announcement asking fans to use common sense. no one wants a repeat of what happened. >> there are nearly three dozen arrests last night this, was hard hit. the mayor used two platforms to get across his message of zero tolerance for violence. >> who has got it better than us? nobody. go, niners. >> it's a unique approach. appealing directly to 49er fans. a repeat of the violence after the giants world series win. they recorded the public service announcement this afternoon. at abc 7. >> so the trio touredx0v missin district today promising merchants that the city is better
already. it's cold out here. but it will be a clear night and here in san francisco, we've learned to love the world clear because it means not foggy and not raining. show will last 15 minutes beginning at midnight. nearly 5,000 of the devices will light up the sky at midnight. the fire works will be a bit shorter than the 4th of july show. >> new year's is a little different. everybody is reveling and enjoying themselves. it's not as hard to entertain them. >> people will crowd by the ferry building with a list of wishes for thezqq2 new year. >> happiness, health, hopefully, family. >> some have taught of their new year resolutions. >> eat healthier. >> that is only a year of clarity. >> steve and jill are here from san luis obispo area. they have reason to celebrate. >> it's our first anniversary too,. we got married last year on new year's. so... >> nice. >> yes. starting off right. one year. so far, so good. >> then, there are those who will lay low. >> i am staying home, with my family. >> number one. 13 is my lucky number. >> hairy, owner of the star light room is hosting a new year
san francisco newmzigñ law on public nudity. tonight a final chilly chance for critics of the law to bare it all. >> an internet hero found dead just as he's about to go on trial. the legacy of online social justice he leaves behind. >> the department of motor vehicles charges a woman hundreds of dollars too much to register her car. i'm michael finney. coming up 7 >>> visitors to san francisco city hall saw quite a show this morning. protestors stripped down to birthday suits despite chilly temperatures demonstrating against the new nudity ban pushed through by supervisor scott weiner. it's one of the last times they can walk around nude in public. >> it becomes law. i'm vote running against scott weiner for supervisor. i will be the first to disrobe in front of city hall. >> this ban faces a big test on thursday, a judge will decide whether to grant an injunction against the ban. >> let's stay in the city for this item. 49ers are preparing to head to atlanta for nfc championship game. one, if they win there, it's open to super bowl. fans get rgd to make the trip we're live at sa
in san francisco, people are out in numbers to make a point about sexual violence against women. a rally scheduled before an attack last weekend. abc 7 news is live in the mission district want to a story. nick? >> they say that that was necessary because they remind people violence against women is a real occurrence here. they were here to send a message violence against women in the mission must stop. take a look at the video about 150 people sounded drums. they started at 16th and mission. went up 16th street down valencia and down to 24th street ended here just a short time ago. police tell abc 7 news a woman was attacked on 23rd just this sunday, around 2:00 a.m. and a neighbor heard that mw and opened a window and shined a light that. is the action taken to stop violence on the streets. >> that is a moment in our time period here in the u.s. that people are wanting to stand up. we feel there should be a woman spring like an arab spring to stop violence open women. make sure women have equal rights. >> and there are disturbing statistics to go along with that. 1.3 million women are
phase of the project should come in early spring. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> still to come here tonight on abc 7 news oakland leaders proposed a controversial policy helped where in new york it's been ruled unconstitutional. >> we have a cold winter weather pattern headed our way. i'll show you the timing of the arrival in just a moment. >> and later a community takes a gamble on a new casino under construction. reaching a new milestone tonight. >> michael finney with property tax advice on how to avoid paying more[ >>> where he believe we have the piece on bar pilot. >> yes. dan noyes went looking for answers today and had questions. >> i had0[%c that strange confrontation of the bar pilot's office while finding out new information about that bar pilot these are tense times at san francisco bar pilot office. just after i arrived at pier 9 to ask questions bar pilot though not involve ntd accident began cursing at me and then... >> are you push meeg? >> no.. >> i call td cop autos let's go. >> while i called police he hit me again. >> i'm at pier 9. at -- . >> he ju
there will be no interruption to ship traffic that travels underneath the bridge. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a new pipeline scanner could take guesswork out of determine chg lines are safe. pg&e is testing it now part of efforts to improve safety3i programs since the deadly explosion. excuse me. sheer abc 7 news. >> pg&e san ramoneo- u technoloy sent jer worthy of a science fiction movie set but here, it's science reality. >> there is a laser and camera autos this scanner maps the surface of a natural gas pipeline in high def down to the invisible measurement of 40 microns about the width of the smallest human hair, showing engineers and kcal cue late whether pipe corrosion is bad enough to make the pipe unsafe. >> because of the fact we're scanning 100% of the area you've got a lot more data. especially if going with a high resolution mode. >> the conventional method involves taking chicken wirks painting a grid of squares and using a tool to measure corrosion depth. >> using the laser scanner compared to conventional is hours and hours. >> the laser beam bounces off dots to measure the
six months ago, san francisco celebrated giants and world series victories. second in three years. in two more weeks, we're looking at a possible replay with the 49ers. one region dominated sports. impossible, yet, familiar. remember back to back wins in 1988 and 89? in the second year, oakland athletics won against san francisco giants. such championships are very rare. remember boston red sox and new england patriots in 2004? will we see niners and giants in 2013? in the locker room we wondered if we should ask. >> it's something we hope to give them. we've got to prepare well. it won't be easy. >> and you want a good sound byte ask a lineman. one other note, 49ers quarterback applied for a trade park for kaepernicking. >> i'm going to be shocked if he gets that. >> house minority leader today made it clear which super bowl team she's backing. she was born and raised in baltimore and long been a baltimore sports fan but she's represented san francisco in congress 25 years, today she said she will be rooting for 49ers in new orleans. and be sthour stay with abc 7 news for coverag
the father here, to san francisco. this mother of the 18-year-old spoke to abc 7 news from the hospital where her son is recovering after his white car was struck by a man running away from police. her sister, 29-year-old sylvia was also in the car. she died. she says her son doesn't remember what happened. they haven't told him his aunt is dead. family is trying to bring the young man's father from guatemala but have not been able to obtain a visa. she says her son woke up and said i want to see my father. the accident occurred on new year's day, garcia was taking his aunt home, police say morales ran through the intersection on 21 and south vanness, crashing into the white car. according to the investigation, morals was running from police, after he shot at three people insifd housing project not far away. a pedestrian was also killed, morales face twoz counts of murder and other serious charges. san francisco's district attorney says he was on probation forwy2$ñ involve wmt a street gang. >> it's a good example of someone that probably wasn't thinking the day he decided to drive into anot
. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> just horrifying. thank you. tonight a hate-filled letter targeting people of philippino decent is being investigated. the letter directed at people in american canyon claims to be from a state args. abc 7 us? live with a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> city leaders joined here just a short time ago to march with the philippino community here this, march was from city hall here across highway 29 to a philippino owned business. is it comes in the wake of hateful letters. they're heading and sentences purport to be from the board of kos met tolling. the second part amounts to a rant. terms like filthy and unwanted were used. one family sthefd letter and called police. >> he said did you see this letter? i thought it's probably another junk mail. he said no. look and i said oh, my god. how -- i said this is just filth. >> because there is not going to be a prosecution if if it doesn't rise to level of a crime doesn't mean it is not a matter of public interest to our community that is making sure that we're we're unified, appreciate neig
regarding san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. abc 7 news learned his neighbor, the woman reported the domestic violence incident between he and his wife to police is now suing the two of them for did he have defamation. the incident took place on new year's eve. mirkarimi's wife allowed her neighbor to videotape her bruised arm. mid nad mad yi son reported the incident ask turned over the tape. mirkarimi was suspended for months. the sheriff pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and got his job back but during this orderel, mirkarimi harshly criticized madison for contacting the police. >> the cdc today declared blue flu outbreak is an epidemic, noting it's spread to california. the latest map is showing california in yellow. abc 7 news is live in fremont tonight. it's inevitable it would come here. >> you know people have heard about how hard the virus is. and now, information telling us it's headed west. today, washington hospital had their efforts to stop it dead in it's track autos okay. okay. >> no. no. >> this 4 yormtd-year-old is not having a good time. watch her squirm, wig
a san francisco bar pilot in 2005 n 2010 his license put on hold by the board of commissioners because feds ral regulators denied a request for a medical waiver. we don't know the details of the medical condition, but the issue was resolved because he was guiding that tanker this morning. >> what is going on now? what is the process? has he been drug and alcohol tested? he has. >> what does he meet with your investigators? >> that is still to be determined. it's an ongoing investigation. >> in 2007 when thetui cosco busson hit the bridge, the medical condition of the bar pilot john cota appeared to have played a role. the national transportation safety board found cota did not disclose all medical condition asks one probable cause was the pilot degraded cognitive performance from the use of prescription medication. now, the bar pilot guy cleez will see investigators from the board of pilot commissioner autos we'll look if there is pilot error or not. >> any pilot error? >> right. >> whether fog played a factor? >> yes. we'll look at all aspects of the investigation. >> and we'll be wa
during the first year of the program. >> trouble continues for san francisco based zynga. the makers of farmville. abc 7 news reports tonight, the company is giving the axe to almost a dozen games, and some of the employees who worked on them. >> that theme music is the sound track to indiana jones adventure world game. half a million active users. it's free to play if you don't mindnxá& spamming friends. number of users paying them money. it's free marketing and it doesn't pay bills. with the company not bleeding money, indiana jones joining 10 other games that are getting the axe. >> this is in huge trouble. >> the editor in chief says unlike a retail game,(á/ó zynga spends money maintaining games after being released. >> this has to be updated. they're adding new things for pointers to go get. they have to build those things. >> so if players aren't spending shu says zynga is losing money. all freshly discontinued despite an outcry from player that's want them back. >> a quick survey ofpi gamers will tell you everything you need to know about why it's pulling the plug on the g
in in a car. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. another new year's day tragedy happened during a walk on the beach. coast guard rushed to help a couple and their dog swept into the water. sadly one person did not survive. wayne? >> it's a cold night for beaches. and hi waves. this is the situation out here in point reyes people would see. there is a sign behind us that says dangerous surf, surfing waiting -- wading and swimming is not advised on a day like this, the most we know is that what seemed to have been a beautiful first day of the year ended with a dij of a man trying to save his wife, then dog from high waves that happened past noon. they were on the beach and admiring the high surf. they battled the waves then, the dog went in to greet the woman.qáñ the dog was swept out to sea. man went after the dog. an eye told zibed what happened next. >> when we arrived, waves were higher and coming quicker. and very, very powerful. >> later, after a long search, rescuers finally did find the remains of the man they brought him in to shore. we zront identity an
says if they lose they'll likely appeal. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the bay area has the first reported death of the flu outbreak. the victim was a 98-year-old woman from santa clara county. they do say she suffered from other conditions as well. she was 98, keep in mind. the health officer says at least four people people have died so far this year of the flu. we've not yet reached a peak of the season. >> we're still seeing a lot of increased activities in our care system, people are going in to be seen for flu-like illness autos doctors say it's not too late to get a shot. safeway announced it's shipped out 200,000 more vaccines and in fremont, washington hospital held a clinic. >> i decided to come early. it takes two weeks to kick in. so my kids and i don't get it. >> they're asking the congregation not to shake hands during show of peace. >> south bay mom reported a stranger trying to on duct her toddler now admits she made up the story. this could lead to her arrest. karina? >> right. we know this woman confessed to maeking the story up. we don't know why. police say she
san francisco ocean beach. sky 7 was overhead as the surfer sat on seal rock waiting to be rescued. he sat there. coast guard tried to approach the rock. they thought about a helicopter rescue. he explains they settled on a different aapproach. >> firefighters on surf boards came up close to me, told me to jump in. it's the right time. jumped n we paddled into the bay. further than i thought was possible. they picked us up and drove us here. >> the boat then took him to the pier. he was checked out as you can see, just heard him speak, he's doing just fine. >> the trial started in one of the worst work place killings in silicon valley. three executives of a start up company shot and killed four years ago. and now an attorney as a unique defense from his client. >> the attorney for the defendant says his client was insane. let me put the m mike on before i start. okay. the attorney says his client was insane when he shot and killed his three victims. now, the insanity defense is not unique. what is difference is what the attorney says caused this insanity. brutality of the chinese cultu
from san francisco dog patch neighborhood right now. sky 7 is live over the muni metro east yard. an suv collided with a bus. >> the driver tried running from the crash but was caught by police. you can see there is not much of a traffic impact in that area. a spokesman tells us there is no impact to train service, either. but we're on top of it. >> turning to our super bowl coverage. it's media day at super dome. >> yes. larry beil leads our coverage tonight live from new orleans. >> hi, dan. if you want definition of organized mayhem you're about to see pictures of it. you've got several thousand reporters. put them on a field with two football teams and say gentlemen, go for it that. is the essence of media day at the super bowl here in new orleans.vt]ñ this is a scene on the field, jim harbaugh having a good time there. we're down checking out ravens on the field. reporters got an hour with each team. some were dressing up in cost yumz. today, people asking goofy questions. players who have lots of personality thrive in this setting. >> my muscles are too big. >> hey, collin
along, david is going to make us go to the superbowl. get david back. >> the quarterback who led san francisco to that season opening win alex smith. he continues to support the man who replaced him as the starting signal caller. >> he is very locked in, especially close to game day. i see him more confident in what he is doing especially giving more confidence and going with it. >> intense harbaugh left down his guard. huey lewis and news will play before the game. he a native guy from music to hair. >> i've had this hair cut since i was ten years old. [ laughter ] >> jacksonville needs a new coach because they fired mike larkey. keep an eye out on this guy. offensive coordinator greg norman. they were teammates and roommates at john carol university. >> one day of the steroid cloud kept anybody from getting to the hall of fame, major league baseball says they will start testing next season. the timing of the announcement comes one day after stars like barry bonds and roger clemens were left out of the hall. last season players were tested for human growth hormone but only during sp
's morning just before 9:00 the giants star pitcher went to board a flight back to san francisco. the tsa tells abc 7 news that the incident happened at one security check point. the agency says a male passenger was unable to provide identification required of travelers at the tsa document control station. that is when you show id. the tsa spokesman would not identify romo, we have confirmed through sources that it was romo. those sources tell us he was disruptive and got into an altercation with one agent. tsa said during the process, the airport police noticed the individual engaged in a dispute with a tsa officer and took action. the security of others was not compromised. the petro poll continue police department say officers saw romo in an age tated posture pacing with clenched fists. officers placed him in hand kufz police say they kept him cuffed until he calmed down, deemed not to be a threat. >>;#- the beard, beard so long. maybe that is why they did it. >> i can't understand why someone won't know who he is number one. but... it's against the law to not have your id on you. yea
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